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Zenith 5-S-29

"The Schematic Man" web site supplies original Photofact service manuals with schematics via U.S. Mail and high resolution Photofact downloads at a fraction of the cost from the publisher. Thousands available with over 2,500 Instant downloads of the most popular Photofacts start at just $3.99! There is also an easy to use on-line alphabetical index for finding the Photofact folder number for your model.
Factory Schematics and Service Manuals offers a large selection of manufacturer's original factory service manuals and schematics for hundreds of makes and models of antique tube and vintage transistor radios, amplifiers, and record players.
Classic Car Radio Schematics
If you restore antique and classic cars this site allows you to find that elusive car radio schematic without having to search through thousands of non-auto radio service manuals.

Used Books
Books For Antique Radio Collectors

Antique Radio and Vintage Electronics Collector's Books, Service Books, How To Books, Hard to Find, History, Theory, And More.


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