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Zenith 5-S-29

Some of the tools I use.

I've had this tool case since the 1970s. It was originally an Xcelite TC-100 Tool Case in a leather type briefcase. I needed more depth in the bottom for meters and other tools so I had Anvil Cases build a custom road case that the original Xcelite tool pallets would fit in. It's designed sturdy enough to stand on. I actually used it for just that for several years at the sound board when I was on the road doing pro sound. It's now retired (like me) and has a permanent place next to my workbench.

Fluke 87V DMM
Fluke 87V DMM

The Fluke 87V is the meter I use on my electronics bench to check every other meter I own. It measures several ranges of AC/DC Volts, ohms, amps, capacitance, frequency, and temperature in F/C.

I purchased the 87V/E2 kit which included the case and other accessories. It came with a Fluke thermocouple and I added a Fluke K type thermocouple adapter so I could also use standard K type thermocouples.

I also added a set of the Fluke TL175 test leads to the kit along with a Fluke Volt-Alert that detects the presence of AC voltage. A plus is the case not only holds the meter and original probes but is designed with enough room to add additional probes and extras a tech would want.
Larger Photo
87V with Accessories
Accessories in Case
Carry Case

My Handheld Flukes:
8020A (1977), 8020B (1980s), 75 (1980s), & 87V (2013)

Home Made Breadboard
Home Made Breadboard

I work on mostly vintage equipment now but in the early 1980s when I was first started setting up the workbench and shop I was pretty limited at what I could spend. Fortunately there was a machine shop at work that I could use after hours to mill blank cases. For digital work I started out with a couple of breadboards. Along with them I built a +/- adjustable power supply, a +5V supply, a small digital meter, an adjustable 555 clocking circuit, and added a 16 bit logic display. I wound up putting them all together in this breadboard case.

That worked out well and I went on to build a matching function generator (in larger photo) based on a 555 Timer chip from scratch.
Larger Photo w/Function Generator

Irwin 2078300 Wire Strippers
Irwin Wire Strippers

I picked up these wire strippers and love them. They are easy to use and you don't have to pick a hole as they automatically size themselves. Will strip wire from 10 gauge down to 22 gauge and will also strip a wire in the middle if needed. Made by Irwin, model number 2078300.
Larger Photo

Power Designs Power Supplies

I use several DC power supplies on the bench. By far my favorite is this vintage Power Designs series from Palo Alto California. The top is a model 2005 precision supply with a unique dial design for setting the voltage from 0 to 20 VDC, 500 MA.

The bottom model 6050A will supply up to 60 VDC with a maximum of 5 amps at 7 volts and 1 amp at 60 volts. They all deliver steady DC voltage with pretty much no AC ripple to speak of.

Larger Photo

Also check out my Soldering Tools, My Workbench and
Tube Pin Straighteners, Pullers, and Tube Socket Adapters.


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