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Zenith 5-S-29

Early Vintage Radio Workbench Photos
Here are some photographs I have found of early radio and TV workbenches. If you have any vintage radio/TV
or electronic workbench photos from the 1960s or earlier to add here please contact me.

Hickok Repair Bench
Hickok Repair Bench - circa 1947
Hickok Electrical Instrument Co.

RCA Workbench
RCA Workbench - circa 1932
This photo with the RCA logo removed was also used on the cover of the 1933 Supreme Instruments catalog.
Note the Supreme 400B Diagnometer and other test equipment mounted in the wall above the RCA logo.
It was quite common in the late 1920s and early 1930's to have the radio test equipment custom built into the service bench.

Photo Source: Radio Servicing Course by Ghirardi and Freed, 1932

1935 Radio Workbench
Radio Workbench - circa 1935
Notice every piece of test equipment is built in to the back of this workbench.

Photo Source: Modern Radio Servicing by Ghirardi 1935

Radio Workbench - circa 1930
L. F. Lyon radio service bench, Syracuse New York.

Photo Source: Radio News, June 1930

Photo Source: Atwater Kent Factory Service File - 1931

Tommy Tuckers Workbench
1946 Radio Workbench
Workbench at Tommy Tuckers in Asbury Park NJ.

Photo Source: Radio Service Dealer - June 1946

Olympic Radio and Television Workbench
1941 Radio Workbench
Olympic Radio and Television, Seattle WA.

Photo Source: Service - January 1941

Mabry Radio Service Bench
Mabry Radio Shop Service Bench
Beaumont Texas

Photo Source: Radio News - May 1931

Don McCowan's Workbench 1970
1970 Radio/TV Workbench
Don McCowan's Workbench 1970, Kaysville, Utah
Later moved shop to Salmon, ID (1971-1987).

Photo Source: Son-In-Law

D. H. Thompson's Workbench 1941
1941 Radio Workbench
D. H. Thompson's Workbench 1941, Pecatonica, IL

Photo Source: Service - January 1941

Galperin Music Company Service Shop
Charleston, West Virginia, March, 1947

Rozell Radio, Montrose, Pa
Rozell Radio, Montrose, Pa
circa 1947 Radio Workbench

Fred Dezter (left) Harry Rozell (right)

Radio Shop Workbench, Worcester, Mass
Campanale Radio - Radio Workbench - Worcester, Mass., 1938

Black and White TV Workbench, Worcester, Mass.
Campanale Radio - Black and White TV Workbench - Worcester, Mass., 1955

Color TV Workbench, Worcester, Mass.
Campanale Radio - Color TV Workbench - Worcester, Mass., 1965

George J. Damm's Radio Workbench
George J. Damm Radio Service Workbench, Blue Island Ill, 1949
Photo Source: Grandson

Hambrick and Crecente Radio Workbench
Hambrick & Crecente Radio Workbench, Moultrie, Ga.
Photo Source: Radio Craft, August 1948

Supreme Instruments Radio Workbench
Supreme Instruments "Radio Service Shop"
Supreme Instruments radio repair bench and the Supreme Diagnomoscope Bench.
From Supreme catalog not dated but shows labrotory bench configruations using the 500 series Supreme test equipment available around 1938.
More Supreme Instrumends


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