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Miscellaneous soldering items that don't really fit into any other category.

Soldering Iron Printers Block Soldering Iron Printers Block
Printers blocks were used in the printing process for adding graphics to newspaper ads.

This block depicts an electric soldering iron. Block is 2 & 5/8" long.
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American Beauty Soldering Iron Printers Block
American Beauty Soldering Iron printers Block
I found two of these These American Beauty Printers blocks. They are over fourteen inches wide.

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1920s Soldering Iron Printers Block 1920s Soldering Iron Printers Block
I thought this was pretty interesting when I found it. The plug on the soldering iron gives the time period away. The iron has a standard Edison type screw connector for screwing into a light socket. Light sockets were used in the 1920s to power lights and other things before houses were wired with outlets like we have today.
Block is 2½" x 1".
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Sure-Flux Core Solder Printers Block Sure-Flux Core Solder Printers Block

Block is 1 5/8" x 1 5/8".
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Nokorode Core Solder Printers Block Nokorode Core Solder Printers Block
"For All Soldering
Guaranteed Virgin Metal"

Block is 5/8" x 1 1/8".
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Craftsman 100 Soldering Gun Tie Clip Sears Craftsman Soldering Gun Tie Clip
This tie clip sports a likeness of the Craftsman model 100 soldering gun. Might have been given out as a sales promotion.

Weller Clock - PAM Clock Company Weller Clock

This illuminated Weller Tools advertising wall clock was manufactured by the PAM Clock Company
Nice Weller logo with a picture of a Weller 8200 series soldering gun.
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